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It can also be installed on other phones; a great way to keep track of friends or children.

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This application is a wise option when travelling from one location to another, as it provides updated GPS coordinates. It may also be used in conjunction with online maps in order to avoid becoming lost while out and about. GPS Phone Tracker utilizes what is known as triangulation technology in order to ascertain the location of a phone.

It is important that the GPS software within the phone itself is turned on in order to provide accurate results. It is compatible with the majority of Android operating systems. There may be times when users will have to pay to access certain features. Do you recommend it?

DOWNLOAD FREE. Cell Phone Tracker App (NEW) - User Guide. Mobile GPS Tracking for: Android, iPhone.

View full description. It is possible to view the location of others who have downloaded this program. CONS Users have complained that it is difficult to reset their password. Live locations may sometimes display within the "history" section. Softonic review There may be times when you wish to know the location of a specific smartphone. Core Functions and User Options GPS Phone Tracker employs satellite-based technology in order to provide the user with details related to the location of a specific phone.

The cell phone option could also be expensive because zoomable routing maps are big and phone data can be costly. Most phones, smart watches and some tablets and maybe fancy new toasters have built in GPS receivers and now Google provides an excellent map and routing package for free download.

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Once you save the Google offline map package you can use your device to navigate even when there is no wifi or cell signal available. GPS signals are funded by U. WAZE is currently by far the easiest to use online or offline. There are devices that are capable of showing your approximate location using only cell tower information, ISP data, and wifi network info.

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There are tens of thousands of different phones, tablets and phablets and we cannot provide instructions for determining the capabilities of each. As noted above there are many other ways of determining location which work very well in U.

You can even get a snapshot of the traffic at the time you start your trip. The downloaded offline traffic info will only update as long as you have wifi connected or if you have cell data turned on.