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Manage files, fill in forms, and use your digital signature on the go! As with many other modern Android smartphones, the KEY2 has three virtual buttons at the bottom of the display. These on-screen buttons are arranged from left to right by Home, Back and Recents. The keys have a pleasant pressure point when typing and are backlit. The backlighting is sufficiently bright when using the KEY2 in dark areas or at night.

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It will take some time to adjust to typing accurately and quickly, but this will come naturally once you start typing. BlackBerry has done a good job of integrating the fingerprint scanner within the spacebar. The fingerprint scanner reliably recognises our fingers despite its relatively small footprint. There is also Flick Typing, which works like the swiping feature on many virtual keyboards. Language switching is relatively easy too. Unfortunately, the keyboard has some drawbacks. Firstly, shortcuts such as copy and paste are often faster when using a virtual keyboard rather than the physical one.

Our main gripe though is with the key size. We would have preferred them to be slightly larger as it is particularly cumbersome to switch between letters and numbers. The display is also easy to type on. The display is bright and responsive, so much so that it is easier to input numbers with the virtual keyboard than it is on the physical keyboard. The KEY2 has a 4.

Other devices at this price have larger, higher resolution displays, but none has a physical keyboard like the KEY2.

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We would recommend adjusting brightness manually as the ambient light sensor typically dims the display too heavily, particularly when playing games. In comparison: If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: Our test device has a relatively bright display with the ambient light sensor activated. X-Rite i1Pro2 rates the average maximum brightness at Our test device has a 0. This and the relatively high maximum brightness combine to yield an impressive 1, There are no color distortions at acute viewing angles, but there is some loss of brightness. Our test device remains sufficiently legible outdoors thanks to its relatively bright display and strong colors.

Websites load reasonably quickly and scrolling on the default Google Chrome 67 browser always feels smooth. The The GPU is powerful enough to play most games in high details and at high refresh rates. The KEY2 is not designed with gaming in mind though, and its ergonomics reflect that. Games are difficult to play in landscape mode as you must hold the device awkwardly with the keyboard jutting out to one side.


Moreover, the speaker is easily covered when playing games because of the odd grip, which stifles any in-game sounds. Surface temperatures should not be a problem in daily use. The KEY2 remains relatively cool at idle, with our test device averaging Our test device reaches a maximum of The KEY2 fails to maintain its peak performance in load tests though. For reference, we ran each test thirty times on a loop. The KEY2 has a single mono speaker on the underside of the device.

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We measure the maximum volume at Sound quality is passable, with there being no audible rattling or tininess when playing music. The frequency range is relatively uniform from Hz to 7 kHz, but there are no bass tones nor are super high tones above 8 kHz well represented either. The KEY2 has a 3.

The sound quality is okay, but it is nothing special. Our test device has slightly better power consumption than the average of the other Snapdragon powered devices that we have tested, principally because the KEY2 has a smaller display than many other devices. The KEY2 fully recharges in around eighty minutes with the included charger thanks to its support for Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.

The KEYone has a 5 mAh larger battery, which would hardly make a practical difference in terms of battery life. During this test, we run a script that simulates the load required to render websites. In practice, the KEY2 will need to be charged every twenty-four hours. The KEY2 has a physical keyboard that is almost as quick to type on as a virtual keyboard after some practice. The KEY2 scores highly for its snappy SoC and its near stock implementation of Android, for which we hope that there will be numerous updates. TCL has certainly indicated this with its prompt Android security patch updates.

BlackBerry has reinvented itself, and with the KEY2 combines data security with a practically stock Android Oreo experience. There are comparably priced devices with better speakers and cameras though. The KEY2 includes a few additional apps and software features that enhance device and data security over stock Android.

This is only a minor gripe though as the KEY2 is one of the few devices with a physical keyboard. Camera and sound quality could be better too, but overall the BlackBerry KEY2 is a solid business smartphone with enough hardware and software features to make it stand out from the crowd. Android Smartphone Touchscreen Business.

Working For Notebookcheck. Qualcomm Snapdragon Qualcomm Adreno , Core: LTE Cat. LTE Bands: Primary Camera: Mono, Keyboard: Head — 0. Logging and log viewer9.

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