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It is up to you to search through time and protect the world from evil. Gardens of Time is a beautiful hidden object game played on Facebook and developed by Playdom Games. Quick Start Guide Getting Started. You have completed the quick start guide for Gardens of Time by Playdom on Facebook.

Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments and much more here at Gamezebo. Subscribe to GameZebo. Gardens of Time Walkthrough by. Hidden Object. Why has the cost of a 17x17 expansion jumped to , How do I get more crystals to get my casino to level 5 I ran out ot t..

Guide to Hidden Objects: Gardens of Time for iPhone – Cheats, tips, tricks and strategies

I ran out of time during the time crystal chapter have I lost the oppo.. Why is my crystals frozen at 3. I cannot ask friends for them for 6da.. I can't find the popular gardens when I tap the blue globe. If you are building or upgrading a building and need supplies, how do.. How do I get into the glass slipper. I need the 7th quest. How do you remove a quest. When I request materials, Message says I've maxed out my requests for.. Facebook friends limit reached. I get this when I try to invite froie.. Can I restart my game from the beginning on gardens of time?

How do I get gold?? Ok why when I want to expand my Garden to 17x17 the cost jumped up to.. Stuck on chapter 8 says have 11 out of 14 stars but have done all star.. I am on level 3 but I went into blitz mode and it brought up the landi.. How can I tell if friends visited my garden? I invite them, but can't..

How to remove Gardens of Time Friends that have never played and How do I remove family or friends that continually are listed on the G.. Why does my popular points keep dropping? Yesterday I had k now to.. What mean the th and for excample 25 in some chapters of gardens of ti.. Where is my garden?

Gardens of Time

When I try to play all I get is a white page with.. I don't know how to get to any of the Quests. Where are they? I have accepted gifts from friends but cannot find them. Where do I ne.. Does anyone know where the Bicycle Center is located in Gardens of Tim.. Unlocked scene will not load!!! How do I fix this?

I play on iPhone. Reset iPad and GOT returns when reloaded I cannot play Gardens of Time for the past 2 days because all I get is.. What is required of me to expand my grid other than purchasing gold to.. How do I increase my Likes under the neighbor tab? Some of my blitz scenes won't load. Game tells me to do the lunar blit.. Why can't I get any friends?? Why is my garden so large when I am working on it, but when I go to vi..

How to unlock premium scene without gold?? How do you send building materials to friends? Why do I keep loosing my gold bars without having used them? Please help, I can't find my Arc de Triomphe anywhere, I had it and it..

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Since I have upgraded to ios6 on my ipad , I can not buy gold anymore.. On level 35 was working fine now it won't let me play any quest. I can't play my game on facebook garden of times pl help me. Why can't I get my materials and energy sent by my neighbours? My iPhone 4 was replaced at the Apple store. All of the information fr.. I have a quest to finish building the Florence Cathedral wonder. It is.. How do I play "featured" games? When I click them nothing happens! Where do I find the Tempting Tabas Collection. What is GOT? If I clicked near hidden object New screen comes showing d..

Where do I find the Emerald city so I can unlock the wonder for chapte..

Hidden Objects: Gardens of Time - Gameplay Review - Free Game Trailer for iPhone/iPad/iPod

Haven't played for quite a few months, what happened to the blitz roun.. I have 18 stars in chapter 17 and the two yellow cabs in my garden but.. Are they working on the message center problem of not being able to se.. Why is the online Gardens Of Time at a different level than the mobile? Can't open the emperor new friends quest? I can't retrieve gifts and materials. Took Gardens of Time off my iPad but after reloading it, it won't full..

Chapter 30 What building do I need to pass level 30? Why can't I get the wonders even though I have finished that chapter? Or does.. How do you know wh.. The game says I already placed El Casillo, but I don't have it yet tho.. My gardens game keeps disappearing. This erases everything. Months of.. Where do you go to get the macaron shoppe. Where do I find, or what do I have to do, to build Puck's Tree? Can't get an answer to my question. I have spaces that turn red on m.. Why can't retrieve my gifts sent by friends. They are there but when I.. Hello my friends from gardens of times.

Please can you help me????????.. Gardens of Time isn't allowing me to accept gifts or return favor. My Gardens of Time will not allow me to except or send request for gif.. With new format, I cannot figure out how to access my storage. Can not get garden of time to open with windows 8 on my new computer. Why do they keep taking away character points? I had this happen a few.. On chapter 25 German opera house When do you get the Dragon Tower quest? I've got Camelot which comes w.. Where do you find "That's A Wrap". I can see in my game that new scenes for featured scenes are unlocked..

When I click on my gifts and material requests the check mark goes awa.. How did I lose my game, I got in Jan ?? It was stuck when I went i.. Can I still get the wonders for chapter 71 and chapter 72 even though.. How much reputation do I need for Level I recently got a new iphone.

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I am trying to log into Facebook from my.. Why can't I get any collections? When I get them from the quests it al.. I have 4 spaces together that turn red the minute I try to place an it.. I can not get the glass flame I have done all of the other one, but ne.. Problems loading How to I get Gardens of Time to load without sponsor ads showing up. I also cannot collect my gifts of materials or gifts I receive. It sta.. New player working on Shaolin 1 which says build a building for martia.. How do I stop the sorry but the game has encountered How do I get my old play Id of garden of time?

I logged out of Facebook account but I'm not able to play the game wit.. How do I make a new person on my account a player? What are the quests needed to obtain Panda Refuge? I finished a chapter, I was to upgrade a item whch was supose to give.. Hi, I have just started playing gardens of time and I'm doing it all b..

Collosseum Wonder How do I finish the Emperor's new friend in chapter 10? Why did all mt plus neighbors just disappear? Can you give away gold when you close down your garden. How do I build the sainte-chappelle? I can't find it in the menus to b.. Where are all the little glass figurines I keep winning? How do I find my old play id number Play Id number. I am in level no. I have a task to complete. The thing is that I.. I don'find my question. I bought 42 gold for 8. I payd with I tune.. Can you reboot gardens on an iPad? I had 22 gold bars and they suddenly disappeared and now only 4 gold b..

Can you sell inventory stuff for silver coins? I logged in on an iPad with my facebook account for GOT and then logge.. How do I delete the "message from our sponsor"?

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The "message from our sponsor" prevents me from playing the game. How do I unlock the Chicago Fountain? I've completed 4 stars for every.. Can your time machine be removed from your garden? How can I store my.. It says tap the exclamation balloon to activate the blitz scenes. How to expand land?? Because of neighbours I can't expand my land, so what I have to do?? Where is the pearl in the Teri Fountain weekly blitz? For the last 2 days on 2 different iPhones I can not receive gifts. There was approximately , points betwee levels then I got to lev..

How do I complete quest 30 in gardens of time when I am now on chapter.. Game reset Went to play gardens of time today to find that it has been reset to s.. I can't request friends in gardens of time since new ownership. How can I regain ability to receive friendship request since new owner.. I finish the quest but I havent get washinton 's boat can you tell whe.. I had an old game in facebook and started over and am now much further..

I would like to play gardens of time you have to down loan a flash pla.. Upgrading Big Ben to Level 2 I have asked my friends for supplies.

Gardens of Time – Game Introduction

I was only waiting on wood, but.. Is this game still available on android. Why can' t I add neighbors? After the update most of my neighbors are gone and I can't add neighbo.. I cannot get Gardens of time to load Garden of time was fine until yesterday now all I get is a white screen. When I click on the mini golf to finish it will not finish what to do?.. Delete neighbors and friends How to delete neighbors and friends. Is there a way to get more free silver? Unlocked Wonder but it won't open!? I completed the quest for St Basils Cathedral, and received the notifi..

Cannot acquire building materials to gift. I can accept them, but when.. Louvre Crystal Pyramid? I've seen the Crystal Pyramid in other gardens, but for the life of me.. Where is my old game I played Gardens of Time for about 3 years but haven't done so for mor.. Need avatar? Is it still possible to find GOT avatars to use in game? How do I expand my garden to 26 x26 when I am past level 30 I ne Expands to 21x21 help.

Unable to play garden of times Navigation to page cancelled. Can't buy gold in gardens of time. Page is blank Page is blank where it says need more gold. How can I buy more?

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Louvre crystal pyramid I've seen the Louvre's Crystal Pyramid when visiting other gardens, bu.. It won't let on I tap the icon on my IPad and it will load and go to the payoff sectio.. Desert cave Where is the desert cave. On iPad I am logged in to Facebook but won't let me invite neigh I logged in to Facebook on my iPad, but it won't let me invite people..

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Keep losing reputations. Upgraded items which brought me to open up next scene. Next day missin.. Game returned to,the beginning. Why would the game, after I have played for,a,year Return to,the very,.. I am not receiving gifts in GOT? I updated garden of times and now it just keeps shutting down, w Why does it keep shutting down. And get used f Playing the puzzles, what items do you upgrade to go with each puzzle.. Friends All friends have disappear cannot send gifts or build etc.

I bought gold, and it hasn't shown up in my garden. I bought gold for my Gardens of Time, and it shows up on my bill, but.. New chapters How do I open new chapters. Stuck on If I don't more chapters I w.. Why do they take points away after you have built them up? I had , points this morning now I only have , points. Level game won't load Can't get the right game to load Loosing gold points For th e 2nd time I've lost 9 gold while playing the the game I am..

No new scenes for one month.. Why can't I sell unfinished wonders I can't buy gold to finish wonders so why won't they let me discard or.. How do I get Lulu's palace and the hat shop? I seem to have missed when I could have earned these items, I'm on lev.. How to you restart the game I want to reset the game to the beginning. Mega Prize Wheel! Spin for a chance to win high value prizes! Go Now Quests! Go directly to scenes and building drawers for stress-free quest completion!

Keep an eye out for sales! Look for them in upcoming chapters! Upgrade your buildings and wonders for extra reputation and an updated look! Aug 21, Version 5. Information Seller PopReach Incorporated. Size Category Games. Compatibility Requires iOS 8. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Languages English.

Price Free. Game Center Challenge friends and check leaderboards and achievements. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. Guava Juice: Tub Tapper. Zombie Beach Party. Kitchen Scramble: Cooking Game. Mega Jump Infinite. Bakery Blitz: Baking Mania.