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I asked the same question a few weeks ago and was given 2 different answers. The rep on the phone told me that yes I could do it without a problem and to just pick up a new SIM sprint or best buy. Sprint laughed at me when I tried and the card from best buy didn't work.

I now have an iPhone XR that I can't use and don't want to switch networks bc of course I just paid for this month when I found out nothing worked as they said it would. Latest Solutions.

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No SIM? The deal was too good to pass up: Was the iPhone cheap?


Was it the cheapest possible way to get the model I wanted? The 5S itself has been great especially compared with the 4S it replaced , and Virgin's Sprint-powered coverage has been, let's just say good enough. However, last week I dropped the phone, busting its screen sob.

My attempt to replace it myself was unsuccessful, so I decided to pony up the dough double-sob for an Apple Store repair.

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Had this been a warranty claim, that would have been my destination as well: Apple handles all service issues for iPhones purchased from Virgin Mobile. So I made an appointment, took the iPhone in, and got a replacement. Apple Stores don't currently do screen repairs for the 5S, so what happens is they swap your whole phone -- same as if, say, your Wi-Fi stopped working. In a nutshell, my Genius Bar Genius who, I just have to say, really needed a shower couldn't get the replacement phone activated. I'll spare you the blow-by-blow, but after a full hour of trying this and that, he got on the phone with Virgin and was told that activation was "locked.

Nearly as exasperated as I was, he handed me the phone, said, "Good luck," and sent me on my way. That was disappointing, to say the least, but it was only the beginning. After 24 hours, my phone still hadn't been activated. I called Virgin and reached a live, admirably apologetic human almost immediately and was told that the Apple Store had done it wrong: They'd registered the iPhone with Sprint, not Virgin Mobile, and there was no way to switch it over.

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I'd have to go back to the store. Aggravating though this was, it helped explain the previous day's problems. Every time the "Genius" plugged the phone into a Mac, iTunes popped up a Sprint activation screen one that wouldn't accept my VM number and password. The second visit seemed to go smoother. I explained what had happened, and the guy helping me grabbed the store's resident Virgin Mobile expert self-proclaimed. They swapped the "locked" iPhone for another replacement, and this time the guy vanished to the back with it, promising to go right through to Virgin's "tier 3" support so it would get activated right away.

After 35 seemingly endless minutes, he returned. This time: Should be good to go within two hours. That was around 5 p. I gave it till the next morning. Although the iPhone was activated, it wasn't getting service.

Virgin Mobile SUCKS!! / Best Buy FRAUD IMO!!! No calls, Data almost nonexistent.

I called Virgin Mobile again, and again reached someone right away. Here's where it gets even more interesting. Once again I was told that the phone was tied to Sprint, and needed to be registered with Virgin Mobile. However, this courteous and apologetic rep told me they could make the switch at their end. Note the disparity: