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Very useful!! I thought I knew a lot, but I didn't! Intelligenti Ltd's Privacy Policy: Content updated for the latest iOS and Apple devices. After writing the critical review below, I was immediately contacted by the developer who suggested a fix for the problem of disappearing tips.

I deleted the app and then redownloaded it which restored all of the tips. Great customer service and a great app. Today when I opened the app the Tricks were gone. There was just a blank screen. There does not seem to be a way to contact anyone at the developer and there is no support on their website. If they fix the problem and create some support, I'll update my review. Hi — thanks for your feedback, and I'm glad you were enjoying the app for a long time before the tips suddenly disappeared! Apologies for that.

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The Tips section can occasionally fail to load when you first install the app — it's usually down to a poor internet connection but admittedly could be something our end. Luckily it's an easy fix. You can restore the tips to their former glory by deleting the app from your Home Screen and downloading it again from the App Store. Hope this helps! I often don't write reviews, but I know I like to look for and read reviews before downloading apps so I decided I should write something.

I love this app, with so much information being on the internet and in apps it can be overwhelming. I like that it has so much information in one place, and is easy to find what I am looking for. I enjoy the push notifications.

iPad Pro & New 2018 iPad - Awesome TIPS & TRICKS! (That You Aren't Using)

I love getting information on the free app of the week, love the many tips and tricks I have learned that are very helpful that I would not know about otherwise. I highly recommend this app. Well they're not making fun of me anymore about my iPhone cause thanks to this app I've taught them a thing or two. If it weren't for this app my iPhone would double as a paperweight. Thank you for thinking of us "technically challenged" people. This app rocks!!!! To remove tap on "Select" and then tap on the people you don't want to see before tapping on "Remove"in the bottom left of your iPhone screen.

iPhone XR gestures

Add new controls: Like the previous version of iOS, you can add and remove controls from Control Centre. Reorganise controls: To change the order of those controls you've added, tap and hold the three-bar menu on the right of whichever control you'd like to move, then move it up and down the list to wherever you'd like it to be. Expand controls: Some controls can become full screen, just press harder on the control you want to expand, and it'll fill the screen. Activate screen recording: One of the new options you can add to Control Centre is Screen Recording. Make sure you add the control, then open Control Centre and press the icon that looks like a solid white circle inside a thin white ring.

From now on it'll record everything that happens on your screen. Press the control again when you're done, and it'll save a video to your Photos app automatically.

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You can switch on your camera flash, using it as a torch, by opening Control Centre and tapping on the torch icon. If you want to adjust the brightness, force press the icon, then adjust the full-screen slider that appears. Quickly switch where audio is played: One cool feature is the ability to change where music is playing.

While music is playing, through Apple Music, Spotify, or wherever, force press on the music control or just tap the little icon in the top corner of the music control. This brings up a pop-up showing available devices that you can play through. Set a quick timer: Instead of heading to the timer app, you can force press on the timer icon, then slide up or down on the full-screen to set a timer anywhere from one minute to two hours long.

How to access HomeKit devices: Open Control Center and then tap on the little icon that looks like a house. Check your average battery consumption: One shows the battery level, the other shows your screen on and screen off activity. There are two tabs. One shows your last 24 hours, the other shows up to two weeks. This way you can see how active your phone life is on average, and breakdowns showing your average screen on and screen off times show beneath the graphs. Enable Low-Power Mode: The feature disables or reduces background app refresh, auto-downloads, mail fetch, and more when enabled.

You can turn it on at any point, or you are prompted to turn it on at the 20 and 10 per cent notification markers. You can also add a control to Control Centre, and access it quickly by swiping up to access CC and tapping on the battery icon. Find battery guzzling apps: Check your battery via the Battery widget: Within the widgets in Today view, there's a card that lets you see the battery life remaining in your iPhone, Apple Watch and connected headphones.

Just swipe from left to right on your homescreen to get to your Today view and scroll until you see the "Batteries" widget. Charge wirelessly: To make use of the iPhone's wireless charging capabilities, buy a wireless charger. Any Qi charger will work, but to charge more efficiently you need one optimised for Apple's 7. Fast charge it: Up to 50 per cent in in 30 minutes. Go one-handed: Press and hold the emoji or globe icon and then keyboard settings. Select either the left or right sided keyboard.

It shrinks the keyboard and moves it to one side of the display. Go back to full size by tapping the little arrow.

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Use your keyboard as a trackpad: Previously with 3D Touch displays you use the keyboard area as a trackpad to move the cursor on screen. You still can, but it works a little differently here. Instead of force pressing anywhere on the keyboard, press and hold on the spacebar instead. Adding another face to Face ID: This is also really handy if you want to add your partner so they can use your phone while you're driving for example.

These animations can then be sent as live videos or stickers to friends using the Messages app. To create a Memoji simply head to messages and tap the Animoji icon.

iPhone tips and tricks - 20 hidden features that will transform your Apple smartphone

Tap this and you'll get all the options to create your very own character. To create a Memoji simply head to messages and tap the Animoji icon Image: Limits can then be set which show users when they have been on their devices for too long. Screen Time will now send daily or weekly Activity Reports Image: And now this way of keeping in touch is getting a brand new feature. Group FaceTime allows up to 32 people to join a video call at the same time. Group FaceTime allows up to 32 people to join a video call at the same time Image: The setting can be used to block all notifications at night or for a set time during the day.

Launch the Phone app the green iOS app with the picture of the telephone handset. Simply swipe left or right on the calculator display panel to delete the last entered digit. There is an easy way to delete the last number you entered on Apple's calculator app Image: Apple's iPhone has a pre-installed compass app Image: Simply go to the Clock app and press timer.

Apple iPhone XR tips and tricks

Swipe up on your home screen to reveal the control centre and tap on the airplane icon. Just make sure you remember to exit Airplane Mode when you're fully powered up. If you have a larger iPad charger this will also make filling the phone even faster. When adding a symbol or number to a text, simply press and hold the number key.


Then, still pressing the screen, move your finger to the desired character. You can then find these photos in the hidden folder within your Albums.