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The Brothers: Splits into four fish when skipped. Will automatically sink if you flick it too high. Weakest of all the fish.

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Like The Brothers, Rocket will sink if skipped too high. Instead, flick in a straight line as close to the surface as possible. Each yellow boostie collected will increase your boost bar. The condition of the waves may change a creature's ability, so if you don't perform well when it's cloudy, maybe it's a good idea to come back when the sun's out.

Fish Out Of Water! Cheats And Tips | Modojo

To check the current achievement and progress, tap the checkered flag on the bottom right corner of the screen. That said, feel free to mix and match different colors, AKA heads and tails. It's a good idea to use boost sparingly in case you need it. This way, you won't have to use much boost, thereby saving it for the other two fish.

Tap each judge to see what he or she prefers. S I have not gotten a perfect ten from the crabs.

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  6. Fish Out of Water! Cheats: 5 Excellent Tips to Improve Your High Score.
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Mainly these are tips. To get a ten from Harwood, the red crab, use an orange charm. It's easy to get a ten from Dorothy, the Orange crab.

2. Get to Know Your Crabs, Too

I use Micro, and use all my boost. To get loads of skips you can use Rocket. Just throw him straight. To get loads of both you can use Finlay or Errol. Fishy Guy I got a 10 grade many times! For the first throw I like to throw Rocket with the pirate's hat "pirate rocket" and use all the boost and focus on getting skips. For the second throw I use Olympus with the mustache "fancy Olympus" to get boosts for my last throw.

Fish Out Of Water! Cheats And Tips

Before the last throw I use the orange charm combine red and yellow crystals. In the last throw I use micro with the hat "aviator micro" and focus on getting long distance. Hope I helped. Have fun! FishRocket Is possible to get a 10 in fish out of water. This are the fish i use and they are perfect for a You will not get a 10 all the time but in my opinion these are the best and in this order: Use all the boost on rocket and depends how you use it, also on weather.

‘Fish Out of Water!’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Hope this helps: EmmaLivingston I always get 10s during lightening. I throw orange fish with top hat costume first to m.

New Favourite App (game): Fish out of water

Then rocket with the pirate hat. Use one or two boosts for skips to m.

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  • Works every day. HalfBrickPro Easy peasy first use fancy Olympus don't use any boost on him second use Aviator micro using only half of the boost then use punk brothers throwing them straight use all the boost when all four brothers are skidding on the water it all depends on the weather and the amount of boosts fancy Olympus picks up.