Samsung galaxy note 10.1 useful apps

Please comment the list of apps that would you recommend for me.

The Top 10 Samsung Galaxy Tab Apps

Miley Miley. Good Answer. See other Topics Write a new Topic. Latest Topics for Tablets tab babad na tubig Ang tablet ko ay nababad sa water kaya ito hindi na mag on. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.

100 awesome Android apps that will transform your tired tablet

Last updated: Hello Magagamit ko ba ito sa ibang bansa? View Mode: Like any Note device, it also comes with Samsung's smart S Pen stylus. We've selected ten fantastic apps and games that make great use of the tablet's screen and pointer combo, so if you've just got your hands on one, these are the software nuggets you should be installing straight away. Samsung Galaxy Note The brush library offers over presets, you can create large canvases up to 6.

Human Revolution — no mean feat on a tablet. Expect deep-running conspiracies, augmented humans punching each other through walls, cover-based shooting action and lots and lots of crawling around in ventilation shafts. One of the first apps anyone should install on a tablet, particularly a large one like the Galaxy Note In addition to the multiview shown in the previous slide, Samsung has included a cascaded windows view.

This lets multiple apps run in windows that can be manipulated much like a desktop OS. This slide shows many apps running at once, and is very cluttered. I never use it in this way, it's only shown to demonstrate what is possible in cascaded windows mode.

Best Apps for Galaxy Note 10.1 2014

Where it's useful is with two or three apps running in small windows on the screen at once. A simple tap will send the desired app into full screen mode. Each small window is resizable by touch, so any layout can be created as desired. Google's email app on the Note It uses the screen wonderfully, and is an app I use heavily. Google Reader is going away, but until then, I am using it as heavily as ever.

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The gReader Pro app is a good way to work with the many RSS news feeds I follow, and the multiple column display is tailor-made for the Galaxy Note This app also works well in multiview on the Note Old flames: Products that keep the retro fires burning. It's no fun when lovers play mind games, but there's no shortage of ways to celebrate one's love of old video games, not to mention other tech products carrying brands that once flamed Top 10 'must have' apps for iPhone users.

Monument Valley ($3.99)

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I too many apps on my iPhone. But while many are ones that I turn to occasionally, and other were flash-in-the-pan apps that I used for a bit and then Valentine's Day gifts: Tech for lovers and friends.

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If your partner or friend is tech-obsessed, we've rounded some cool items we think they'll love this Valentine's Day. Last-minute tech gifts and gadgets for your Valentine. Chocolate and flowers are not the only options this Valentine's Day.

5 Must-Have Apps for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (free & without ads)

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