Windows mobile 6.1 update samsung i900

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Samsung Omnia i900 wm custom 6.5 & install rom tutorial!

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Recent Discussions. Furthermore it provides a tactile feedback if the screen is touched. On the back side, the i Omnia sports a massive 5. Also massive is the inbuilt memory. At a size of The open market version of the Samsung SGH-i Omnia comes with the handset, the battery, the charger, a stereo in-ear headset and the USB sync-cable as well as with some PC-software and the manual.

A stylus, and this is also unique for Windows Mobile Professional smartphones is left and only available as accessory.

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Also available as separate accessories are a leather case and a TV-out cable. The i Omnia features a quite minimalistic design.

The front around the display is silver polished chrome while the back is black plastic. However, this material-mix neither looks nor feels cheap. The optical joystick works similar to touch-pads and allows to navigate through the menus by sliding a finger on the joystick. In addition it acts as an action button which can be pressed. Above the display the Omnia has the QCIF video telephony camera and the speaker which is also used as a loudspeaker for hands-free calls or media playback.

the::unwired - REVIEW: Samsung SGH-i Omnia Windows Mobile Professional Smartphone [UPDATE]

There is now second loudspeaker on the back but on the back the device has the 5 megapixel camera with a supporting photo light:. On the left side, the i features a propriety USB port, covered by a flap, which is used to charge the device as well as to synchronize it with a PC. Furthermore this jack holds the stereo headset or the TV-out cable. However, the buttons on the side have further jobs: The Main Menu key also opens a Task Manager, if pressed longer while the volume up key can be used to zoom into the display; the volume down key either zooms out again or activates the photo light on the back to be used as a flash light.

Pressing the camera shutter firmly opens the Photo Slides an application to view stored photos while pressing longer starts the camera. The included stereo headset includes two parts. The main part plugs into the device and includes the microphone as well as a volume knurl. However, it's also a 3. As always, the software implementation is something important as well and in the past months, other mobile phones have given a benchmark for followers.

So far, Samsung always did a great job in customizing and adopting Windows Mobile as far as possible and the i Omnia isn't anything different. Since it comes without a stylus, the user is forced to use all functions with the thumb and therefore, it's clear that Samsung focused on this user experience. In addition to the Windows Mobile Professional typical Today screens, Samsung added three completely different Today screens to the Omnia which, more or less, replaces Microsoft's Today screen. Samsung Today 2 works with tabs on the top:.

Completely different to this two Today screen plugins is "Samsung Widget" which is also used on other Samsung mobile phones, independent from the OS and Samsung Widget offers a Today screen which allows to add, remove and freely arrange widgets on a home desktop:. These three different Today screens and the way how the programs list is opened demonstrates quite well how much Samsung thought about making the Omnia user interface experience the best possible one. While the first level of the Main Menu neither be changed nor resorted, there is a second level available called "Shortcuts" where up to 11 shortcuts to applications can be added and this can be resorted as well.

Shortcuts also includes a link to "Programs" which opens a list of all available and installed applications:.

Windows Mobile 6.5 update for the Samsung OMNIA I900?

All three menu items are large enough to be used with thumbs only and it replaces, more or less, the need to user Windows Mobile's Start menu. In addition to these GUI enhancements, Samsung also provides a full set of applications. However, Samsung also added Opera Mobile 9. Quite interesting is Samsung's own Touch Player which is - again - thumb-optimized and which is used to playback audio files:.

As motioned earlier, the Touch Player can be access from anywhere by pressing and holding the Menu button:.

Beside being a great device for listening music, the i Omnia also supports a wide variety of video formats which even includes DiVX certified. Furthermore it allows the receiver to re-tune to a different frequency providing the same station when the first signal becomes too weak:. While the FM radio requires a connected headset which is used as an antenna, the applications also supports the inbuilt loudspeaker. Last but not least the camera which is quite unique for Windows Mobile smartphones. No other Windows Mobile smartphone has crossed the 5 megapixel benchmark so far and the Omnia's 5 megapixel autofocus camera is the first one.

It allows to snap photos up to a resolution of x pixel and record videos up x pixel. The camera is supported by a very bright white LED. While this is far away from Xenon flashes, as also used by mobile phones, the LED is indeed pretty bright and allows to snap closer photos in a darker environment, let's say on a table in a bar. But also the camera interface offers so many options, it's hard to list them all.

First of all it allows to geo-tag photos with the GPS coordinates and it offers quite a good amount of settings and shooting modes like white balance auto or different pre-sets , ISO from auto to 50 - , metering center, spot or matrix as well as contrast, saturation, sharpness, WDR Wide Dynamic Range and even anti-shake. The different shooting modes include single and continuous shots as well as panorama shots where the camera allows to snap up to eight photos which are automatically pasted as well as a smile detection mode where the camera focuses on a face and as soon as the face smiles, the camera shoots a photo automatically unbelievable but it really works.

I've hardly ever seen so many features on a mobile phone camera but again it shows that Samsung has a long-tine experience in designing high-quality camera phones. Talking about quality: While I was first pretty disappointed about the photo quality of the i, everything changed with the final ROM which I used for this review.

It's now safe to say that the i Omnia camera might be one of - if not - the best Windows Mobile camera available today. Also quite good is the implementation of ShoZu a service which allows to upload photos and videos to many different web services. Unlike the freely available ShoZu client for Windows Mobile, ShoZu doesn't asks after each photo or video if the file should be uploaded now but waits until the camera is closed. But unlike most other Samsung touchscreen phones, this one is running on Windows Mobile and Samsung did its best to enhance, tweak and improve Windows Mobile as much as possible.

At the end it'S quite challenging to launch a phone with an operating system, which was design for a stylus-use, and leaving the stylus. Other manufactures like Samsung have a way longer tradition in making great mobile phones. And the SGH-i Omnia is a great mobile phone. It feels and looks rocking solid and the material mix of silver polished chrome on the front side and high quality black plastic on the backside makes it a good looking phone for everyone - for everyone who is used to use touchscreen phones.