Foo fighters at apple iphone 5 launch

We're so excited that we created an ad. Cook says Apple has created "a completely new iTunes". Apple has never been stronger. And then, for the first time in years, it's going to be a musical playout. The music will be played by Take it away Dave Grohl. The suited and booted audience are obviously not fist-pumping or mosh-pitting, but give them time.

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Updated at 7. So what about the headphones? If you do that math that's 1. We call them They look unlike any headphone you've ever seen before.

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If these headphones reduce the amount of lost sound then that will certainly be a huge benefit. We pointed this out in Oh, not the old iPhone 4S or 4? That's the implication. We're now being shown some new iPod nanos. They come with integrated an FM tuner, and you can get them in lot of colours. Anyone would think that iPods weren't going extinct. We're also seeing the new iPod Touch , which has much more processing power — the iPod Touch has the power that once would have been required in a supercomputer before.

It also has a hidden button that lets you attach a wrist strap. But you'd have to decide whether people will be more impressed by "have you seen my supercomputer? The iPod Touch now has Siri as well. Does Siri get better by having more people using it? It seems to have improved over the past year. The Touch shall also come in five colours, again with its own wrist loop. It's my colour co-ordinated supercomputer wrist strap. Note that. Very interesting: Why not just show it then, or just introduce it and let everyone get on with it?

That's been the case in the past, pretty much - you get a new version of iTunes, and you get on with it. So what's going to happen in October, do you think, that might make it worth changing iTunes, particularly for iOS? Availability of the new device will be announced in due course. There'll be a re-designed iTunes store on the iPhone and iPad. And the App Store will integrate Facebook Likes into product pages. Er, this isn't quite as thrilling as we'd expected.

Robbin turned it into iTunes, which became the integration for the iPod; the rest is history. Robbin is to some extent the guy whose software got Apple where it is today. It has to be said that watching people demo music library software is never going to compare with car chase games. We'll spare you the pain. Eddy Cue, the head of music. Tim Cook is back to say he's going to talk about "something near and dear to our hearts, and that's music. We like it when we can make enjoying it even simpler.. Schiller is back in his taupe shirt. You can pre-order on September 14, ship just one week later — September 21 — in US, UK, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, and then a week later in 20 more countries, and by the end of this year in more than countries.

It's the fastest rollout ever. Has Apple's stock rocketed yet? On that basis it should because the Christmas quarter is going to go enormous. Fascinating point: I've never seen him do one of the presentations in more than 15 years of watching Apple presentations; he's always in video, perhaps because he speaks so quietly and doesn't project. Picture of robot-only factory: Interesting how we've approaching the nano-scale even at the physical level of where you hold a device. Bigger screen and faster …. Here comes the cuddly video where Sir Jonathan Ive talks about how they don't want to make just a new phone, they want to make a much better phone.

The iPhone 5 will come in black and white, just like the old ones. There has been no NFC mentioned at all so far, although we've only been going for 50 minutes. They zipped through iOS 6, which makes it feel like there must be something more to come We're now watching a cuddly video where Sir Jonathan Ive talks about how Apple didn't just want to make a new phone, they wanted to make a much better phone. That's perhaps going to be a main point the iPhone 5 will be sold on — it'll have a bigger screen and be faster.

Ive's video continues I have never seen him do one of the presentations in more than 15 years of watching Apple presentations; he's always in video, perhaps because he's so quiet. Interesting how we're approaching the nano-scale even at the physical level of where you hold a device. Showing off Siri, which can now do sports or at least American sports - can it do British ones? That's pretty awesome, integrated with the OpenTable app.

iPhone 5 launch: live coverage of the Apple event

In the US, unclear if it's in the UK too. Updated at 6.

Really, Apple? The F**king Foo Fighters?!?!?! [Opinion]

He's showing off the maps. The big question will be whether the directions — turn-by-turn — will work in the UK. Then Forstall demoes tweeting from anywhere, before showing off Safari on the big display — the iOS6 browser tabs know what you have open on Safari back on your Mac, so all your browsing is in sync. Google does this with Chrome on different devices, including smartphones. The major difference is that Chrome isn't the default browser yet on most Android phones. And then we get a look at Passbook , which collects all your e-tickets — and if you get rid of one there's a fun shredder.

A Forstall specialism — he loves such "skeumorphs", or lifelike representations. Also works in lock screen so you don't have to unlock phone at the airport. Slightly chunky-looking but, OK, they couldn't just abandon it completely. OK, now let's kill the connector. We use Bluetooth … Wi-Fi for our stereo … iTunes … it's time for the connector to evolve. New connector is called "Lightning … so we have Thunderbolt and Lightning". Hurrah for puns. Panoramic images This is in the Samsung Galaxy S3 range and the new Nokia Lumia range - will be interesting to do a panorama shootout.

We're shown a panorama that includes some footage pointing into the sun - which normally creates exposure challenges. You can also do wacky panoramas where you run around behind and appear at either end. Photos while recording. The back camera takes pixel images, and can take photos while recording video. The front does the same but at p. This is all feature-competitive with the Samsung top end, but makes it hard for the Nokia Lumia to compare.

Those aren't much shifted from the 4S, though the LTE figure is surprisingly high. As for the camera , there'll be an A6 chip used to process images, and a "smart filter" which looks at the image and figures out where areas should be coloured sky or textured. Same pictures as last year? That's really impressive. I think I heard that right. Full console quality in your hands. By the end of the year, it should be available in over countries and carriers — Apple's fastest phone rollout ever. The video shows a machine cutting the chassis with intense manufacturing precision.

This part of the video is really cool, showing the iPhone parts sliding around on a conveyor belt, being cut by robots. He reiterates that it is the thinnest iPhone Apple has ever made. And now we get a video showing us it in action. Jonny Ive opens the video. Slate and White. So far, still no real surprises here today, other than Panorama. Forstall leaves the stage and Schiller walks back up. Both are wearing green shirts. Does that mean something? Siri says its a subjective question, but offers a list of suggestions with their Rotten Tomatoes ratings.

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  8. You can also find tables at restaurants for a specific time, and tap to reserve it. Tap make reservation to go straight to the OpenTable app to finalize your reservation reservations are not completed within the Siri environment. Forstall asks Siri how the 49ers did last weekend — the 49ers beat the Packers by 30 to 22 last Sunday, Siri replies with more information onscreen. You can select photos from your camera roll, choose who you want to send them to, name the collection of photos, and your friends get a push notification with all those photos.

    You can comment on photos, your friends can, and if you like a photo, your friends will be notified too. Passbook, which collects passes in one place. Things like movie tickets, boarding passes, coupons, store cards, you get the picture. Enhancements to the mail app include a new feature that lets you mark people as VIPs, and their messages will appear in one place in your inbox. Right from notification center, you can post to Facebook or Twitter now. You can tweet from anywhere.

    In Safari, you can go into fullscreen mode so the page takes up the entire large display. Forstall shows us Flyover with Big Ben in London. You tap on it yourself, zoom in, get a virtual tour of the area. Using two fingers you can change the camera angle. First, the maps application, which has been built from the ground up using vectors for smoothness. It includes over million points of interest. Info cards show reviews from Yelp and lots of photos. It also has free turn by turn directions.

    The 30 pin connector launched in It has 3 microphones, one on the bottom, and two more up top, one each on the front and back sides. These are used for beam forming for voice recognition and noise reduction. The speaker has been improved too: The front side camera has been updated too — p, backside illuminated, Face detection, and Apple announced FaceTime over cellular.

    That's great news for the grandparents. The iPhone 5 also has a new Panorama mode. Hold your phone vertically and just sweep your scene.

    Foo Fighters Play Unplugged for Apple iPhone 5 Launch Party

    The software tells you what pace to sweep your phone at. The Panorama mode takes 28 megapixel shots. It can determine a linear path if you happen to wiggle the phone during your shots. An image of an ocean cove.

    There is an image of a magenta flower with a bee. They zoom in on the bee — you can see the veins on its wings. It also has better low light performance and 40 percent faster photo capture. Its the same camera as in the 4S, but is 25 percent smaller, with some added new features: LTE, A6 processor, larger display, thinner and lighter design. It exceeds the battery life of the 4S too at 8 hours of 3G talk time, 8 hours of LTE or 3G browsing, or 10 hours of WiFi browsing, and hours of standby time. You can play in real time, while your opponent is actually racing from a pre-recorded run. You can fully interact with the vehicle, jostle with the race position, and affect your time in the race.

    This is Real Racing 3 — real tracks, real cars, real people, you can play any time you like. The graphics look incredible. The car also has rear view mirrors! The crowd laughs and applauds. For WiFi: It features an A6 chip — its two times faster at CPU and two times faster at graphics.

    In Canada: Rogers, Telus Bell Fido and others. In Asia: SoftBank, SingTel, and others. In Australia: Virgin Mobile, Telstra and others. In Europe: Deutsche Telecom and others. Single chip, single radio, dynamic antenna, a slide shows. It can switch antenna connections between different networks when needed. It has integrated touch in the display, which makes it 30 percent thinner.

    Now, it has ultrafast wireless technology too. Keynote, Pages, Numbers. The calendar shows more events, email shows more emails, Schiller demonstrates all this with a few slides. Its grams, 20 percent lighter than the iPhone 4S. It has a PPI Retina display. The new screen on iPhone 5 is 4 inches, by pixels with a 16 x 9 aspect ratio. It rises up on a small pedestal onstage.

    He seems extra enthusiastic today — we like it. The first iPhone launched in , Schiller says, talking about how Time called it the innovation of the year.

    Samsung Reveals the Galaxy Fold, Its Futuristic Bendy Phone

    Each and every year, Apple has introduced new versions and iterations, each time setting the gold bar for phone standard in the marketplace. There are over , apps in the App Store, and , specifically for the iPad. Every app seems to have its fan, Cook says. The average customer has downloaded over apps. Pretty impressive.

    What's Cooking?

    The iPad still has a 62 percent wroldwide market share last quarter April through June The iPad accounts for 91 percent of web traffic for all tablets. The third generation iPad was announced in March. Year over year, the Mac has outgrown PC 15 percent to 2 percent, a chart shows. Apple introduced Mountain Lion. The video is over and Cook is back onstage. He notes that Apple now has stores around the world in 12 countries. On Friday it will open a store in its 13th country, Sweden. Inside, it could be a museum.

    Time for a video. It quickly shifts through shots of Barcelona, and people walking through the town, with long shots of the exterior and interior of the store. Then we see shots of blue shirt-clad employees cheering, and the first customers walking into the store and getting high fives. Fruit, little baked goods, and coffee are set up for those that need some sustenance.