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Its rules completely recreate the rules and dynamics of Sudoku and allow its fans to enjoy the game in any place. Tasks of the game. As in the classic game, the player will have to solve puzzles with numbers. Also, in the game menu, there is a section that allows you to learn more about Sudoku and its rules. Game Modes. Sudoku Free will please beginners and experienced players with four levels of difficulty: The graphics of this game does not have a high level of detail, and background images of its diversity, because this category is not its strong point.

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Clicking on the desired zone, the keyboard will appear on the screen, with the help of which the player can select the desired digit, make a note or clear the field. In addition, the game has other useful features, such as retry, cancel the move and others. Useful tips. If you are a beginner, you should know that the jigsaw has a lot of settings and tips that may asist you deal with the game. Experienced players can turn off all these tips.

An updated edition of the game Sudoku from the developer Go App. Now you can access as many as six game modes with awesome graphics, like for a similar game, three complexity levels and countless levels. Sudoku Adventure — is a very interesting version of the Sudoku puzzle for Android. There is an Adventure mode in which you need to go through 30 levels, each of which will be more difficult than the previous ones. There is also a free game mode, in which you may opt one of three difficulty levels.

Beautiful graphics, which is opportune for Android-smartphones and tablets with a high-resolution display, the ability to play a free game without a plot, nice music and sound effects. Sudoku Master is a popular jigsaw with a beautiful design! The number one game among Sudoku puzzles on Google Play with amazing graphics and deadly functionality! Train intelligence and observation in this classic puzzle! To all lovers to experience the possibilities of your mind is highly recommended!

Fitted to an ideal state, the game offers an intuitive gameplay that can be controlled easily by supporting the multi-touch function. You will never need paper sudoku! Try your skills in the vastness of two thousand puzzles and four difficulty levels, go from beginner to expert! Choose one of two game modes, classic or casual with automatic removal of incorrect numbers. Progress on the pastime is saved automatically, you may always go on from the same place. To facilitate the passage, the functions for canceling and repeating the last move are affordable.

To make more clarity and keep everything in front of your eyes, use smart notations, select the right places with a pencil. Statistics are constantly monitored. Only the external component already deserves your attention!

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Evaluate the efforts of designers and cheer your brain! Sudoku is the most famous and breathtaking jigsaw for your appliance. To try this game at least once in life is definitely worth it.

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The game will please anyone — both a long time admirer of the genre and a beginner. If you have repeatedly denied yourself the pleasure of playing Sudoku because of the apparent complexity, finally for you there is a solution! The game is equipped with tips and can easily and thoroughly teach the player the rules of Sudoku. To get advice at any level, click on the Hint button. The system will indicate what to do, with the help of colorful animations and pictures.

But do not think that the clues just give the right move: Even experienced players will discover new methods for resolving problems. The levels of Sudoku in the game are many, enough for many hours of play. You can endlessly repeal and repeat actions.

There are five types of complexity. Learn the rules and advance in resolving various puzzles. The interface of the game is understandable, the font size can be adjusted. The appearance of the game will please you in moments of thought: The pastime can check errors automatically. You can play in any position, it supports both types of orientation in space. With the achievements of masters from around the world can be found through the results table.

A jigsaw for composing combinations with numbers. Game space is a field from the 81st cell. Each 9 cells are separated into a separate mini-field. You should make sure that each mini-field has numbers from one to nine.

In addition, each column and each line must also have all the digits from one to nine. In the pastime, it is affordable to change the complexity. Many puzzles are simple and not very. There is a system of tips. The progress of resolving each puzzle is saved automatically. To cancel and to repeat a course it is feasible indefinitely. After resolving the puzzle the game can show errors. The interface is clean and does not contain anything superfluous, and the colors in the game highlight the necessary objects.

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The jigsaw is supported on all types of mobile devices. Sudoku World is a logical Japanese jigsaw that develops memory, mindfulness, and concentration, as well as helping to keep your brain in good shape. Sudoku World will give you more than 8, layouts, divided into 4 degrees of complexity.

For the usability of guessing, the pastime has implemented the highlighting of the selected number, the designation of the column and the rows at the intersection of which the selected cell is located, the ability to write down possible options of numbers and a hint in the cell. Sudoku Epic — fill the cells of the playing field with numbers from 1 to 9 or letters, depending on the Sudoku option you have chosen. Resolve all the jigsaw puzzles! Develop your logic and intelligence by resolving jigsaw in this enthralling pastime for Android. In classical Sudoku, you should complement the square game board cells so that the same figures are not encountered in rows, columns, and squares of 3 by 3 cells.

In addition, you may play unconventional variations of Sudoku, for instance, to form words and letters in rows and columns, etc. Threes — this is also not too complicated game but surprisingly addictive. Firstly, it is made in a minimalist style. This means that it is already so interesting even without bright and colorful graphics.

Secondly, Threes is an excellent find for lovers of numbers. First, in some cells, there will be numbers 1 and 3. You will need to connect a unit with a deuce, a triplet with a triplet, a six with a six, and so on. When one digit is layered on the other, the values are doubled.

For example, if you combine a triple with a triplet, you get six. Just do not forget that when you move the numbers from the cell to the cell, a new number appears in any free cell. Sudoku June 22, Thank you for playing Sudoku! Thank you for your feedback! And thank you for your support! Changes in version Sudoku All Versions Jun 21, Feb 18, Dec 19, Dec 26, Real Sudoku Free 1. Sudoku 10' Free 5. PuzzleSudoku 1. Mind Games 0. Sudoku Free Play 1. Sudoku bout 3.

Sudoku 1. Sudoku Free 1. Sudoku Free 2. My City APK 1. Top Downloads in Puzzle. June 7, Learn More.