Practical application of specific gravity of soil

Here, temperature is being specified using the current ITS scale and the densities [2] used here and in the rest of this article are based on that scale. As the principal use of specific gravity measurements in industry is determination of the concentrations of substances in aqueous solutions and as these are found in tables of SG versus concentration, it is extremely important that the analyst enter the table with the correct form of specific gravity. In the sugar, soft drink, honey, fruit juice and related industries sucrose concentration by weight is taken from a table prepared by A.

Brix which uses SG Given the specific gravity of a substance, its actual density can be calculated by rearranging the above formula:. Occasionally a reference substance other than water is specified for example, air , in which case specific gravity means density relative to that reference.


Specific gravity can be measured in a number of value ways. The following illustration involving the use of the pycnometer is instructive.

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A pycnometer is simply a bottle which can be precisely filled to a specific, but not necessarily accurately known volume, V. Placed upon a balance of some sort it will exert a force. The bottle is filled with air, but as that air displaces an equal amount of air the weight of that air is canceled by the weight of the air displaced. Now we fill the bottle with the reference fluid, for example pure water. The force exerted on the pan of the balance becomes:.

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  • If we subtract the force measured on the empty bottle from this or tare the balance before making the water measurement we obtain. The bottle is now emptied, thoroughly dried and refilled with the sample. The force, net of the empty bottle, is now:.

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    The ratio of the sample and water forces is:. This is called the Apparent Specific Gravity, denoted by subscript A, because it is what we would obtain if we took the ratio of net weighings in air from an analytical balance or used a hydrometer the stem displaces air. Note that the result does not depend on the calibration of the balance. The only requirement on it is that it read linearly with force. Nor does SG A depend on the actual volume of the pycnometer.

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    For the best answers, search on this site https: The bouyant force is equal to the loss in weight of the object. Existing questions.

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    The apparatus used: A 5 to 10g sub-sample should be obtained by riffling and oven-dried at a temperature of to o C. Procedure to Determine the Specific Gravity of Fine-Grained Soil i The density bottle along with the stopper, should be dried at a temperature of to o C, cooled in the desiccator and weighed to the nearest 0. The bottles and contents together with the stopper should be weighed to the nearest 0.

    Add water to fill the bottle to about half. Insert the stopper in the bottle, wipe dry from the outside and weigh W 4.

    The specific gravity should be calculated at a temperature of 27 o C and reported to the nearest 0. If the room temperature is different from 27 o C, the following correction should be done: