Websites applications and virtual directories in iis

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For example, if you were to deploy an ASP. For example: Another thing you can do with Application's is specify a different Application Pool to run under. NET 2. However you may want to run a blog or forum application written in ASP. NET 4. Now because you can't mix ASP. NET runtime versions in the same application pool, you can specify an alternative application pool specifically for ASP.

Applications can also behave like Virtual Directories and you can point an application folder at a physical folder elsewhere on the server. If you're interested in the underlying mechanics of Virtual Directories and Applications on IIS7 then have a look at this answer I posted a while back:.

Using ServerManager to create Application within Application. To add an informational detail to what Kev has very nicely mentioned - All virtual directories by default run under a pre-defined app pool named DefaultAppPool. Whenever your webApp's appPool crashes, the other webApps using their own custom appPool or virtual directories using DefaultAppPool appPool remain completely unaffected.

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How to create a virtual directory in IIS

Why there are two different types? What's the purpose of each?

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Kev Duplicate of stackoverflow. Recently I changed to Tomcat. This ASP.

How to create a virtual directory in IIS

NET web application has a main user interface for registered users and guests as well as an Administration Panel. This panel will be served from a different secure location installed on the target server, hence the need to configure a separate virtual directory for this application. Go to the Files and Folders view and add your application files. The application's files for the Administration Panel, which will be handled by the virtual directory adminpanel of the web site, should be placed in a separate directory.

It is redundant to add as a virtual directory a child folder of your application's web site folder, because this would already be served by your web site. Go to the IIS Server view.

Use the [ New Web Site ] toolbar button to add your web site called example. In our scenario, the ASP. NET web application requires execute permission for the scripts as well as script access and read access. Our Web Site will automatically serve a default document when no document name is specified in the request url. In our case index. Our application requires FTP access for constant updating of script content, so we will configure FTP access for the web application.

We do not set the "Set NTFS security flags" option to allow only registered users on the target machine, having the proper access rights, to connect through FTP. Our web site is set up now, we need to configure the Administration Panel as a virtual directory. As a rule, a virtual directory inherits general configuration traits like: Use the [ New Virtual Directory ] to add a new virtual directory called adminpanel.

We do not allow anonymous web access to this folder for security reasons this is an administration panel with privileged access.

Understanding Sites, Applications, and Virtual Directories on IIS 7

As opposed to the parent web site, this virtual directory needs an extra access flag write access , so we will set it accordingly. Otherwise, the documents configured here will override the ones configured for the parent web site. If you disable default document for a web site or virtual directory, you should enable directory browsing instead. If needed, you can also configure global IIS settings that will affect all web sites and virtual directories, such as: Our web site configuration is complete, build and run the package.