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I have Win 7 x64 and iPhone 4 with iOS 4. My iPhone is actually showing as a Bluetooth device in Windows. I have tried so many things including switching to Airplane mode numerous times and resetting Network Settings. Sounds as if you are doing all of the right things. Have you verified the Bluetooth settings on windows allows itself to be discoverable? It sounds as if Bluetooth is working on both devices but only the iPhone is discoverable and the Windows computer is not discoverable. Yes, have verified the settings on Windows to allow it to be discoverable.

I think the iPhone is the problem. My computer is recognizing my phone and it gives me a to pair but it wont allow me to install the drivers, what do i need to do? I am not sure what drivers you are talking about. The more specific you can be in regards to your exact problem the more likely a useful response. The steps in the article are the steps I was able to take to successfully install the drivers on a Windows 7 Ultimate bit computer.

I get all the way through step 7 verifying that Windows Mobile-Based Device Support is installed in Device Manager , and everything seems fine on the Windows end. No error messages or yellow! But the Bluetooth menu on my iPhone is still trying to connect. I just got the laptop and this is my first experience with Bluetooth.

Am I just fussing with it too soon? Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated! Ive done all this mate, didnt work…? I have an iphone 4 and a sony vaio running 64bit windows 7 professional. Did all that and there no errors, but the bluetooth just wont work eh. Then tried some stuff people said on other forums about messing with itunes updates, but no luck….

It worked for me on windows 7 x64 with dell and BT devices, but before I was able to apply drivers I had to upgrade newest drivers of my bluetooth from the dell website — it also upgraded and firmware. Thanks for taking the time to list the details of what resolved your issue including the contents of the article. Any help would be great. Are you sure the devices you are connecting are actually pairing properly?

I would suggest making both devices discoverable and when pairing see if there is a password that needs to be added. Also make sure that the Bluetooth devices display within the devices and printers area of the control panel. It sounds like you already have most of that covered so not sure I can provide much else without being right in front of it to troubleshoot. Yes they pair fine and do ask for the password, the computer just never offers any services to any BT devices to use like audio streaming for a Blackberry or headset mic audio device for a BT headset.

I have a suspicion that this is due to Updates from Microsoft since it worked perfectly as of June of and then went kaput. Same issue with the new one. My next attempt will be to remove all updates from Win 7 and see if that works.

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Thank you for your quick response. No problem at all on the response. Interesting that this worked before… I would imagine the issue is like you say some Windows update or it could also be related to the Bluetooth devices versus the computer if Dell has replaced everything including the OS meaning the new computer came with a new installation of Windows. Definitely will be curious to know what the solution is on this one….

Thank you! Our time to thank you is nothing next to how much time you saved countless others. Thank you so much for these coherent instructions. Unfortunately I have not seen that issue. What exact steps on which devices are you taking that causes the issue? Are both devices discoverable? Do you have other Bluetooth devices working on the iPhone and the computer itself? I have successfuly installed suggested driver and the pairing was successful.

[Solved] Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver on Windows 7, Fix headphone, Speaker, Mobile & Many More

But I have now option to synchronize contacts and calendar. There is now synchro settings button. Is it necessary to install something more? It should not require any further installations that I am aware of. That is awesome. I spent hours trying to resolve this. I spent 40 bucks on driver agent as well. Thanks for helping. Good to hear. It says device not supported on the iPhone itself? Could you provide the exact error message?

It sounds as if you might not have the Bluetooth on the computer discoverable. You can make the Windows 7 Bluetooth discoverable in the Bluetooth settings but you should turn it off once the iPhone is synced with the computer. If you are still having an issue please provide exact error messages that occur on each device and we will attempt to assist. I tried and the device manager showed no problems, but why is it my phone still cannot find the computer using Bluetooth when I want to transfer my files from phone to the PC?

It said here no Bluetooth devices found on the phone but I have already turn on the Bluetooth in the PC. Is there any relation between them? Previously I have no problem sending files from my phone to PC via Bluetooth. Thanks a lot for your help! I am not familiar with the Sony Ericsson phones but it sounds to me as if Bluetooth is not configured discoverable on both devices. As exclamation was gone on the iphone icon from devices and printers but it not allowing me to connect to an internet via bluetooth whereas i can play music on my laptop through iphone via bluetooth.

Even i manually done on iphone properties from devices by updating the same procedure selecting microsoft corporation. I am using windows 7 samsung laptop. Do you see the iPhone on the computer when attempting to connect? Do you see the computer from your iPhone when attempting to connect? Are there any errors when attempting to establish a connection?

I am trying to connect my iPhone 3GS to to my computer running Windows 7 32 bt. I have gone to the download site and followed these instructions:. You can use Windows Mobile Device Center 6. If you issue is with Bluetooth the iPhone is fairly limited in its functionality so my personal suggestion would be to just use a USB cable. My iPhone says connected and the warnning on the pc went away, but when I double click on the iCone it could not connect. Unfortunately I have not seen that specific error. When you find a resolution let us know what it was. I am using Win7 64 bit OS.. Is the bluetooth dongle working with anything else?

It sounds as if you may need to make sure that is working properly.

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Next you may need to install the proper drivers for the headset itself. Yes the dongle is working good with my mobile. And there are no drivers available for my headset. No problem at all… You might also try installing the bit drivers to see if that solves the problem. Cool, I googled for this problem and found this post. It solved my problem, I can now tether my internet connection in win7 64 bits. Glad to hear the article helped you out! I just figured these directions might work, considering I was having the exact same problem Bluetooth peripheral device not connecting , and my computer had the exact same errors and resolutions.

Do you happen to know how I could work this out? Please let me know. Your description was the most detailed, so I thought you might know how to help.

Re: Bluetooth Peripheral Device driver missing - Sony

Let me know if you do. Me too, Ive done the very single part of the process, with the same results as my fellow colleague above. I really dont know what else I could do with that. If you are having the same issue as noted by Devin then it would appear you have a system wide Bluetooth issue that needs to be resolved. This type of thing is out of scope for this article but you might try searching Google for how to troubleshoot general Bluetooth issues.

I have no Administrative privilege. I want to use internet with support of Samsung Galaxy Tab Bluetooth. You likely will not be able to accomplish your goal without administrator privileges. If you can contact the person with the administrator access to proceed. Now, go to the Bluetooth icon in the system tray and try to connect to your iPhone so you can do something with it:. Not sure what you mean. I tested the 32bit download link above and it appears to work without issue. Not sure to be honest. I only use Bluetooth on my iPhone for third party devices such as headsets.

I just wanted to post that I used this solution and was able to install the driver for my bluetooth peripheral device on my HP Elitebook w, W7 — 64bit. I ran into troubles attemping to pair my Android Bionic with my laptop and Windows told me it was unable to install the correct driver. This work around was extremely helpful. Ths sooooooooo much, I just wanna say thank you! I used this method to connect Iphone4 and a dell E laptop, succeed! I would try to use Microsoft to see if that does the trick. Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center 6.

Thanks for the info.

Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver Not Found on Windows 7 [Solved]

I was unaware that the above steps would provide the missing Microsoft Corporation to the list. It didnt work for my laptop. Plz help. Sorry you were not able to get this working. The details in the article are what resolved the issue for me however the iPhone Bluetooth support is not very solid and many people are having the same issue as you are. If you were able to resolve please post the solution in the comment section of this article. Plz reply….. I just followed the instructions step by step and I was able to install the driver successfully. I have windows 7 home Premium 64 bit.

I can now connect my iphone 4S. I did this step for step and the same result as always happens even before I did this. It says error establishing connection. Not sure unfortunately. The iPhone Bluetooth support sucks so your issue likely revolves around that. My deepest gratitude for Alex in Errors. Your answer is very detail. I thank you. The 2 key steps: Unfortunately the Bluetooth pairing with an iPhone is and always has been really flaky.

There is not a one solution fits all… I actually stopped pairing at all with me computers because it was so bad… Hope you found a solution though. That is pretty much correct. The iPhone Bluetooth support is horrid so all I can do is offer suggestions which is what I attempted to do in the article. I have tried all this and still my laptop is not able to find any bluetooth device. Had a chat with a Dell consultant and he reckons that although the bluetooth mini-card driver is installed successfully, it is not actually working and may have been broken.

Is that possible, considering all this only happened when I restore the system on my machine. Any ideas? Thanks, Red. I would say that it sounds unlikely that it would not work after a software upgrade however it is definitely possible. While it may not be ideal it will save you lots of headaches and possibly be a better Bluetooth device that the one installed by default on the Dell.

Alex, How can I tell you how much I appreciate this step by step resolution to a very big problem? I have looked online for a week everyday and this is the only one that worked. Glad to hear it. Appreciate you taking the time to leave feedback and again glad to hear we were able to help resolve your problem!

Same problem. But the link you give for the bit Mobile device center says it only works on Vista, not W7, tried it anyway and the instal fails. Is there another link for aW7 compatable version? This article is over 2 years old and I wrote it specifically for 64 bit Windows. I added the 32 bit link attempting to help others as well.

You might try googling for the package and finding it that way. If this solution does not work for you then you can at least use it as a baseline of something that has worked for others. What should I do next? Depends on what issue you are having. The more details you can provide the more likely we can assist with a solution.

If you have already figured out the problem then let us know what the solution was so others might be able to resolve their issues as well by reading the comments for the article. Oh I so relieved of your documentation skills!!! This is now fixed with my iphone 4s and Samsung NPu2….

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  • The only solution I found was to use a 3rd party Bluetooth adapter Medialink that came with its own drivers. Having to go through all of this to get an Apple device to work well with a Microsoft Operating system is… ludicrous. It seems that Microsoft have really gone out of their way to allow support for this one device driver tied to their own devices at the expense of others. Shameful really. I personally like the iOS interface much better than anything else on the market. I have been wanting to try something running Android but have yet to find anything comparable to the iPhone.

    Thank you Very much i almost lost hope to connect my mobile to my laptop. Sir,I have followed your instruction But when i go to mcirosoft tab there are Four options available but none of them have Windows Mobile based device support..? I believe your issue is related to the Windows 7 version you are using.

    Could you let us know if you are using Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 7 Home, etc.? I had two to start with. I tried using the same driver for that one also, but I still cannot connect. Could this be the other driver I need to add? Thanks a lot. Your method really worked like a charm. I can now seamlessly connect my Apple device with my Windows 7 PC and stream music. Though for every device I add I have to follow the same method. You were of great help. Really appreciate it. Thanks once again. And the software works on my Windows 7 Home 64 bit.

    Thanks again. Followed all instructions to a T windows 7 64 bit os Working perfectly now. I am able to stream music wirelessly through bluetooth to my JBL wireless speaker whose output is connected to my Altec 1. Showing results for how to remove this type error in my computer no bluetooth device was detected,please make sure that your bluetooth device is plugged in properly in order to continue installation. Your email address will not be published.

    Skip to content. Apr 4 Windows 7: Troubleshooting Has Completed So after Windows 7 was unsuccessful in guiding me in the correct direction I decided to attempt my own solution which was put together after some research. Windows Mobile Device Site: First visit the Windows Mobile Device Center download web page where you will select downloading the bit or bit version of the Windows Mobile Device Center. Select Bluetooth Peripheral Device Drivers: Once you click on Update Driver Software the below window will display.

    Verify Bluetooth Driver Installed: Now verify the driver installed properly by opening up the Windows 7 Device Manager again and expanding Bluetooth Radios to see if a new radio shows as Windows Mobile-Based Device Support as shown in the below image. Feb 21, Worked great until I tried to change the hardware properties. But "HID-compliant consumer control device" isn't there. I downloaded the Windows Mobile Device Support 64 bit from the microsoft website. It seemed to run successfully. And the devices are connected. But with the error.

    Mar 1, I've done that and what next??? When I try to connect clicking my computer on Iphone bluetooth menu it says that device is not supported? Oct 21, 4: I posted this in another discussion. Now, you can possibly receive music and audio at your windows PC or laptop from your iphone and receive SMS message too. Sep 2, 5: More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Jonnyskray Jonnyskray. I am unable to install my iphone 4 to the new laptop I have, OS Windows 7. The devices pair fine and recognize each other, I just keep receiving error messages when the driver automatically installs.

    Sunday, March 25, 8: What is the exact make, model, and series of your Dell Insperon laprop? Does it have a Bluetooth module installed in it? Do you have the Bluetooth driver installed. Have you read the instructions for pairing Bluetooh devices? What version of Windows is running on your laptop? Wednesday, March 14, 8: Sunday, February 24, 8: Tuesday, February 4, 9: Sunday, August 7, 9: