Infinity blade 2 for ios

The player may choose to forge several gems together to create an even more powerful gem - a process that is free, but takes a certain amount of real-world time to complete. The forging process can also be completed immediately with a variable payment.

‘Infinity Blade 2’ Review – An iOS Masterpiece

Upon entering, the player loses all equipments in the game which have been purchased beforehand. This mode allows the player to re-master their equipments with an adjusted EXP limit of each items and therefore theoretically able to gain infinite EXP and stats points , unlike the normal mode called the "OG" Original Game mode which doesn't allow players to re-master equipments, thus they cannot progress further once all equipments are mastered.

As in the first Infinity Blade, chests are hidden in certain areas of the game. However, in this game, there are different levels of chests that require different sized keys, ranging from small to medium and large. Chest types are indicated by a colored triangle symbol above the chest, the color of which identifies the size of key required to open it.

While the overall mood of the game is serious, the references to real-world subjects occasionally offer a tongue-in-cheek tone. The "Holiday Helm" helmet's design changes to match the current holiday season Frosty the Snowman for Christmas , an egg-shape for Easter , etc.

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A complete set of cardboard armor is available, as is the "Sweet Lid", which looks like a metal trash can lid, and "Harmony," a light mace-like weapon shaped like a rainbow-maned unicorn which leaves rainbow streaks and cartoon hearts in its wake. The game begins with Siris voiced by Troy Baker , the main character, and his companion Isa voiced by Laura Bailey arriving at a Japanese-themed estate owned by Saydhi, one of the Deathless and an information dealer. Isa appeals to Siris not to go further, but when he persists, she reluctantly explains that Saydhi will answer one question if he can fight his way to her by defeating her champions.

Once he does, Saydhi offers him a place as one of her champions. Siris refuses and instead asks her where the Worker of Secrets is. Suddenly suspicious, Saydhi tells Siris where to find the Worker, but attacks him immediately. Once Siris defeats her, he notices a pedestal with a keyhole that fits the Infinity Blade. He proceeds to slide the sword in it, and the pedestal disappears into the ground. However, before he can deal the fatal blow, Isa appears on a rooftop and shoots Siris in the head with a crossbow, killing him abruptly.

The God King lays down the blade in frustration. Siris awakes on a cot in an industrial-looking chamber, naked save for a loin cloth, realizing that he too is a Deathless. He journeys to a tall castle, reminiscent of the one from the first game, though this one is crumbling. He battles his way into the tower and up to the top floor where he finds Thane, High Lord of House Ix, sitting before a round seal in the floor showing a great tree. When Siris defeats him and moves to break the seal, Thane warns that Siris will lose his life in the process.

Siris reveals his immortality to Thane before breaking the seal and dying. Again, Siris wakes in the chamber, apparently unscathed. He returns to the castle again and battles his way through. He must now defeat three 'Blood Sentinels': After he defeats each, Siris unlocks another seal, dying each time and being reborn in the mysterious chamber.

After unlocking all the seals, Siris proceeds to the top of the tower once more, where he again finds Thane, who, like Siris, is a Deathless. The two duel once again. When Siris defeats Thane, he unlocks the final seal in the floor, opening the way to the Vault of Tears where Galath, the Worker of Secrets voiced by Simon Templeman is imprisoned. But before he can speak to him, Thane appears once more and again battles Siris. This time, the Worker of Secrets disrupts the fight by placing a hand on Thane's back.

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The lord dies immediately. The Worker explains that he has disrupted Thane's Quantum Identity Pattern, 'granting' him a true death. The Worker thanks Siris for coming, but explains that he can only be freed if another takes his place in the prison. He appeals to Siris to find Raidriar, defeat him once again, and bring him to the Vault. Siris reluctantly promises to do so. Siris journeys back to Saydhi's estate and rings a gigantic bell while calling out a challenge to the God King. Raidriar soon appears and sends three minions after him.

History in the unmaking

When Siris defeats them, he engages the God King in battle once more. Finally, Siris knocks him out with a swift blow to the head and brings him back to the Worker of Secrets's eternal prison. There, Siris dumps his still unconscious body and prepares to leave the cell with the Worker by stabbing the Infinity Blade into the seal. When the Worker grabs onto the sword, a blue light blasts Siris away. Most of the iOS games are very disposable by nature, but a few of them are pretty good and worth replaying after a while.

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Cash piles of Epic proportions

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‘Infinity Blade 2’ Review – An iOS Masterpiece – TouchArcade

Design-wise, this is more Infinity Blade , except expanded. The story element in particular makes Infinity Blade 2 a more cohesive game. Combat has been expanded, too, and its constituent parts tweaked. Dodging, for example, is now monitored by an endurance bar. Parries seem much more accurate, now, as well, and are much more encouraged by virtue of the dodge nerf.

In most cases, they act as weapon modifiers that add elemental damage to attacks.