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Now that you have enabled flash and have a browser that supports flash videos, it is very likely that annoying flash adds will being appearing on your Samsung smartphone's screen more than ever. To take care of this, simply follow the link. You wouldn't find Adblock Plus Add-On for Firefox on Google Play store do even if you don't want to use the provided link, you will have to consult third party websites to get it. The second way to play flash videos on your phone is by using the Dolphin browser. The Dolphin browser, like Firefox, supports flash videos but it also requires you to have the Adobe Flash Player apk installed in to your Samsung smartphone.

To get instructions on how to get the Adobe apk and install it to your Samsung smartphone, go back to the previous section of the article.

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Tap on the Dolphin browser icon from the results and install it to your Samsung phone. Always ensure that the Dolphin Jetpack is enabled. Backup data on your Android devices easily and restore backup files selectively to any device. Aug 17, How to Play Flash on Samsung Smartphones. Part 1: Why Samsung smartphones cannot play flash videos Part 2: How to install flash player on Samsung smartphones? Why Samsung smartphones cannot play flash videos Not only Samsung, but no android phone currently can play flash videos.

Part 2: Use Firefox Browser If the default browser on your android device is chrome, it will not play flash videos even if you install Adobe Flash Player to your Samsung smartphone. Step 1: Set Firefox as your default browser by following these steps: Step 2: Enable Unknown Sources Now you will need to get your hands on the Adobe Flash Player apk and since it is no longer available on the Google Play Store, you may need the help of third party websites.

Which phones and tablets can play Flash? Here's our complete guide

This can simply be enabled by following these steps: Step 3: Adobe has helpfully published a list of Android mobiles that support Flash Player , but it doesn't include many fabulous phones from Mobile World Congress Nokia's former favourite software may have been kicked to the curb in favour of Windows Phone 7 , but it's still on millions of current smart phones.

If you've got one of them, you can help yourself to Flash Lite. Since Flash Lite is a stripped-down version of the software, it works on phones with lower specs, slower processors and smaller screens than those required by Flash Player. The latest version of Flash Lite is 4. We don't like to mention that software, though. We'll still suffering from post-traumatic stress. Steve Jobs published a beard-stroking meditation on Flash in April , but let us summarise it for you.

How to Play Flash on Samsung Smartphones

If you have an iPhone , you are never getting Flash. Never, never, never.

Blah, blah, proprietary product, you don't really need it, slow and insecure, makes devices crash, eats your battery, blah. You can still look at video and other media on the Web in other formats --just not Flash. That is all.

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There is life outside of the big three. But there's no news, so far, as to when they'll get an update to Flash Player BlackBerry smart phones have been rumoured to be getting Flash support for years , but the first device from RIM to play Flash will be its tablet, the PlayBook.

Android Flash Player RIP: How to Get it Now That it's Gone | PCWorld

It may take a while for this feature to trickle down to the company's small-screen devices. This is a much harder task for mobile than it is for desktop computers.

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Yes, there's Linux, but Adobe doesn't support it either. In the case of Mac OS, there's a known hardware configuration, since Apple makes them all, and in Windows, they create the OS around minimum hardware standards. Supporting just those two operating systems makes Adobe's job a lot easier, and it makes a Flash developer's job a lot easier since there aren't as many screen sizes and interactive elements to develop around. For that, and probably some other reasons, Adobe finally ended all support of Flash just as the Android platform was starting to finally take off.

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Although Adobe remains publicly quite committed to Flash as a computer desktop product, it's probably a matter of time before the technology is gone. While Flash is capable of some incredibly interesting desktop use, eventually there just aren't going to be enough desktop users to make it worthwhile. So enjoy your Flash while you can. Meanwhile, Android users, don't sweat it. You're really not missing out on that much without Flash.

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